AIDSO Condemns the horrific Rape and Naked Parade of Two Women in Manipur

StudentsPledge Date – 21.07.2023 –

Sourav Ghosh, the general secretary of AIDSO, issued the following statement to the press in reaction to the horrifying rape and naked display of two women in Manipur and the callous, inhuman attitude of the Government:

“AIDSO, in its strongest words and with deep anguish, condemns the horrific incident of two women being paraded naked and gang raped by the mob in Manipur. It has been over two months since the state has witnessed unprecedented mass killings, assaults, and rapes in the name of community. Due to the policies of the BJP government both at the centre and in the state, the divide between communities has fermented, and the entire state is burning. The Nation is now in shock after a video in which two women were paraded naked and molested on camera went viral. But to our utter surprise, the Manipur CM shamelessly said hundreds of such incidents have happened in the past. The victim in the video, in deep pain, said that the police did not help them and rather sent them towards the perpetrators. Their condition is a reflection of how the BJP government has handled the entire issue. They have encouraged the division among communities to spread to such a dangerous level to further their agenda.

Every act of violence in the name of the community that is happening in the state is a cause of shame for humanity. These are not clashes taking place spontaneously but rather the handiwork of the ruling class. It is painful to see the state, which welcomed Netaji’s INA with immense respect and patriotic spirit, come to such a condition. During the fight for independence, Manipur’s population as a whole came together to assist INA soldiers. People in the land continue to have reverence for Netaji today.

We call upon the entire society to fight unitedly against the government-created divisions among the people and also urge the people of Manipur who have faith in humanity to come forward and save civilization. At the same time, we demand that both the Central and Manipur State Governments take all necessary measures to restore peace in Manipur on a war footing.

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