AIDSO opposes changes in class XII political science text book

StudentsPledge Dated 18.06.2024 –

Condemning the base attempt to distort history by including unhistorical facts in the “Ayodhya” chapter of NCERT class 12 Political Science textbook, AIDSO All India General Secretary, Sourav Ghosh says in a press statement:

” With the implementation of National Education Policy 2020, the contemptible conspiracy to distort history and communalise education has taken deep roots in overall education system of the country and the situation has only become more concerning day by day. A recent extrapolation of this scenario is seen in the needless changes been made in NCERT class 12 political science textbook where the chapter on “Ayodhya” has been revised and condensed, while the name of Babri Masjid has been deleted altogether. Grossly unhistorical facts have filled up the pages. In the new revised edition of the NCERT class 12 political science book, Babri Masjid has simply been referred to as a “three-domed structure”. Great Hindu religious teachers like Vivekananda- Ramakrishna had never claimed Ramachandra to be a historical figure, however, today, the sad truth is, in the pages of academic textbooks, Ramachandra has been painted as a historical figure, and Babri Masjid has been presented as a structure built in Lord Rama’s birthplace. The December 6, 1992 demolition of Babri Masjid and the dark history of violence and riot that ensued in the entire country due to this event, have also been wiped out from the new edition of the textbook. In fact, the 2019 Supreme Court verdict, that was based on “accepting the faith of the worshippers” and not on any concrete historical evidence, has been included.

Wielding the National Education Policy 2020 to distort history repeatedly, is now no longer an exceptional event. Rather, this is exactly what the BJP-ruled central government is trying to normalise. However, those who try to gain relevance in history by distorting history, get appropriately retaliated by history itself- they are thrown away in garbage dumps. By distorting history and removing basic concepts like Darwin’s Theory and periodic table from the syllabus, so as to keep the students from being introduced to these, the efforts to establish fascism have become as clear as the day light. In the name of revising and rationalising the syllabus, such chapters are being specifically removed that can build up the social and scientific temperaments of the students. Through the poison of communalisation of education, the ruling class wants to create a type of creature devoid of the basic faculty of logical thinking.

In such a situation, we demand for an immediate rollback of National Education Policy 2020, the blueprint of communalisation of the education system. We further demand to stop the condemnable acts of distorting history in the name of revising academic syllabus. To make any changes in the academic syllabus, opinions and suggestions from students-teachers-parents must be taken.

We call upon the student fraternity to come forward and build up a strong students’ movement to thwart all efforts to expand the path of fascism on this country’s soil.”

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