AIDSO organised state level protest in Karnataka against dropping of the lessons on Bhagath Singh and condemning induction of K.B Hedgewar speech

Students Pledge News Dt19.05.2022 – All india Democratic Students organisation organised state level protest in Karnataka against dropping of the lessons on Bhagath Singh and humanist thoughts of Swamy Vivekananda from textbooks and condemning induction of K.B Hedgewar speech.

The founders of our Renaissance movement and many great freedom fighters had hoped for democratic, scientific and secular education. AIDSO said that all political parties that have ruled so far, have been working out their own agendas in text books.

In Kannada textbook which is newly being published by the Karnataka state government, a lesson on great revolutionary who sacrificed his life at the age of 23, Bhagat Singh, has been omitted; while speech made by a man who turned his back on the freedom movement, RSS founder, K B Hedgewar, which does not unite the people but spreads communal hatred, is being inducted. AIDSO condemns in strongest words, this rhetoricism by the government which distorts the established truth. This makes it clear that the ruling BJP and the Sangh Parivar have no regard for the great revolutionaries of the country’s independence movement, including Bhagat Singh. And this highlights their ideology. Along with this, a lesson which condemns racial hatred, “mruga mattu sundari” of P. lankesh, and also many valuable lessons like Sara Abubakar’s “Yuddha” and A N Murthi Rao’s “Vyaghrageethe” are removed!

The educated and education loving people, across the state, already have raised questions about the chairman and committee of the textbook revision board appointed by the BJP government. It is now proven that the government has constituted this committee as a ploy to instill its ideas into education.
AIDSO demand that the texts removed, be immediately added. Also, to stop inducing unscientific, undemocratic and unsecular thoughts onto textbooks.

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