Corruption in NEET-UG entrance exam: Stop playing with the lives of students

StudentsPledge Dated 06.06.2024 –

Sourav Ghosh, General Secretary, AIDSO issued following statement to the press:

“After the publication of the results of the NEET UG entrance exam on 4th June, many questions have been raised by students and parents from different corners of the country regarding the transparency of result. It is obvious that the score of a good number of students don’t tally with actual score supposed to be obtained by them if the procedure of scoring is followed as per the prospectus of NEET UG examination. It is surprising that the NTA has given an explanation of giving grace marks to some students, but the basis of giving grace marks is completely vague and arbitrary. Further, there was no such provision for grace marks in the prospectus published for this year. Surprisingly, students who appeared in the exam from same centres scored same marks. Also there were allegations that the question papers were leaked before the exams which was not properly investigated or adequately addressed. By now, some students have already committed suicide due to the unexpectedly bad result. Finally, there are a lot of allegations of lack of transparency and corruption in the result of NEET UG.

When state-wise Joint Entrance Exams were abolished on the plea that it spawns corruption and the all India NEET-UG exam was introduced claiming that it will be free from corruption, we cautioned that without giving punishment to those who are involved in corruption and only by introducing a new system of exam, corruption cannot be abolished. Today, it has been proved to be true. Due to the careless attitude of the government and commercialization of the entire exam system, the whole system of medical entrance examination is now going to collapse and the victims are the innocent students.

Under these circumstances, we demand judicial enquiry into the entire matter and that all involved person be punished strictly.”

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