AIDSO against Combined Entrance Test for PhD Entrance

StudentsPledge Dated 12.08.2023 –

In a press statement, AIDSO General Secretary, Sourav Ghosh said:

“As per the recent news, NTA is going to conduct ‘Combined Entrance Test’ for PhD Entrance Examination in DU, JNU, BHU and BBAU. For past years, our education system has been witnessing numerous changes in all aspects including the examination patterns. Especially after the implementation of NEP 2020, Every year, there is a new shift from one pattern to another, which leaves the students, clueless and absolutely uncertain about their future. In this scenario, the combined entrance test, on one hand, has come up with a steep fee hike of more than 100% in the universities, and on the other hand, is a dangerous attack on the autonomy of institutions and democratic education. Conducive to the idea of NEP 2020, this is a process of centralisation of education which will not be limited to the entrance examination but will also, lead to taking control over the educational institutions itself. While, the students, teachers and education loving community is vehemently opposing CUET for UG & PG, the administration, instead of listening to the voices, is trying to take PhD entrance examination in the same canvas.
AIDSO strongly condemns this step and appeals to the students in particular and education loving people in general to come forward and fight against Combined Entrance Test as well as NEP 2020. We urge upon you to build a united movement for secular, scientific, democratic, and universal education.”

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