AIDSO expresses solidarity with the valorous students’ struggle across USA

StudentsPledge Dated 26.04.2024 –

Conveying solidarity to the student protest across USA and condemning the repressive actions taken by the authorities of Columbia University and the US government, Sourav Ghosh, general secretary of AIDSO, stated:

“With great hope we are witnessing the student movement unfolding in USA. The protest, starting on April 17th at Columbia University with demands to sever ties to Israel and the companies that fed on war and genocide in Palestine, has already spread across the length and breadth of USA. The students from multitudes of backgrounds, including hundreds of progressive Jewish students, are standing firm braving the immeasurable oppression by the institutions and the US government. With great satisfaction we also see that hundreds of faculties are boldly coming out against the oppression and in favour of the movement.

We on behalf of AIDSO convey our heartfelt greetings and solidarity to the historic student movement of USA. The protests that are going on in the USA streets for months and now engrossed the vibrant community of students in the campuses reminds us of the great upsurge of public conscience against the Vietnam war. Today, the voice and resistance not only tremble the imperialist-fascist war machine but radiate the wave of determination and hope to the peace-loving people across the world.

We resonate with the main agenda of the movement and demand amnesty to the students and faculties subjected to punitive actions. The police and military must back-off from the democratic movement and the institutions must recourse to democratic norms in dealing with the situation. Let us all peace-loving students and people of the world raise our voice in solidarity and against directing material and intellectual resources for war and genocide.”

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