AIDSO vehemently condemns PM’s urge to the Private Sectors to open up medical college.

Students Pledge News Dt 28.02.2022 – Reacting to the urge by PM to the private sector to open up medical colleges, Sourav Ghosh, General Secretary, AIDSO issues following statement: “Prime Minister Narendra Modi has given a clarion call to the corporate agencies for opening Private Medical Colleges in our country. AIDSO vehemently condemn this decision of the government. In the midst of the ongoing war in Ukraine, when bringing the stranded students back to home land is a duty of a responsible government, Mr. Modi is trying to open the floodgates for privatisation of medical education, by dtating a lame excuse of Indian students going abroad for pursuing MBBS. It’s not a sudden step taken by the central government, rather it is the implementation of the policies of NMC Act 2020. Policy of privatisation of medical education was followed by the previous governments also, but the BJP government has intensified it by adopting the NMC Act. All the state governments are also following the same path and are implementing the policies of NMC. Private medical colleges and PPP model medical colleges, without even the minimum infrastructural faculty, are being opened rampantly. In reality, keeping in view, the interest of common students and the society as a whole, the absolute need of the hour is to establish government medical colleges with adequate infrastructure. Instead, the government is trodding on the opposite direction, solely for the selfish interests of private players and is broadening the scope for the foreign as well as native corporates, by providing them land, building, hospitals etc. Thus, medical education will be reduced to the status of a mere commodity and meritorious students of lower and middle class families will be deprived the most. That will destroy the quality of the medical education and the fees for medical education will sky-rocket.
AIDSO, thereby, strongly condemn this decision and appeal to all the students, doctors and well-meaning people of our country to raise their voices against this decision and build up a unified protest.”

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