Immediate evacuate all Indian citizens from Ukraine – AIDSO

Students Pledge News Dt 02.03.2022 –

Students Pledge News Dt 02.03.2022 – Expressing deep condolences at the death of an Indian students from Karnataka, Sourav Ghosh, General Secretary, AIDSO issued following statement : “AIDSO express deep regret at the death of an Indian medical student in Ukraine in the attack by imperialist Russia. We condemn this unilateral brutal military attack by Russia on Ukraine violating all international humanitarian laws. Practically Ukraine is crushed between imperialist Russia and USA led NATO. Thousands of students from different parts of the world in which a large number are from India, are stranded in Ukraine due to the war. The governments of various countries are taking steps to assure safe return of their students and citizens to their homes. Though the India government assured to evacuate Indian students in Ukraine, it is not taking any effective measure for the same. The death of the medical student hailing from Karnataka is an unfortunate and painful result of the negligence of the government. AIDSO demand that immediate steps be taken to evacuate all Indian students stranded in Ukraine. We strongly demand adequate compensation to the bereaved family.”

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