Nationwide Demand Day on Withdrawal of all cases filed against resident doctors

Students Pledge News -03.01.2022 – Against the Unjustified delay of NEET PG and NEET UG Counselling, Sourav Ghosh, General Secretary of AIDSO said in a statement:

“The past couple of years have witnessed a grave crisis in the health sector of our country, especially, in times of Corona Pandemic. While the Hospitals are already understaffed and struggling to help the mankind in these difficult times, the medicos across the country are compelled to come on streets against the unjustified delay in NEET PG and UG counselling. It has not only affected the patient care but entirely disrupted the PG & UG academics over a year. It will subsequently result into the deterioration of health services for the common people. Under these circumstances, Medical Service Centre, A socio-medical voluntary organisation has called for a nationwide Demand Day on 5th Jan 2022 and appealed to all the doctors and students’ organisations to observe it.

Responding to the just call, AIDSO also declares “All India Demand day” on 5th Jan demanding:

1. Immediate withdrawal of all cases filed against resident doctors in Delhi.

2. Exemplary punishment to the police officer involved in the attack.

3. Expedition of NEET PG and UG counselling.

All India Democratic Students’ Organization appeals to the common masses in general and students in particular to stand united with the medicos and join *Twitter Storm* from 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm as well as placard campaign (hold a placard with above demands and post the photo on social media accounts).

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