AIDSO vehemently condemns Russian military invasion on Ukraine and the war of multi-polarisation

Students Pledge News Dt 25.02.2022 – “The heart wrenching news and pictures, coming from Ukraine, have shaken the entire world. Within no time, hundreds of people died, were injured and had become homeless. This has been the dreadful consequence of conflict on domination between US imperialism and Russian imperialism. We find that this war is nothing but yet another survival strategy of crisis-ridden capitalist forces.

Around the world, the problems of unemployment, retrenchment, education, public safety etc. have surged, which has resulted in people’s outburst against the existing system. This war is a ploy by the capitalist forces to divert people’s anger.

This war will do no good, but harm the people and cost us our lives and resources. It is the common people who will bear the brunt of war. The war would take a toll on study, trade and commerce, running of hospitals and all other regular activities.

AIDSO strongly condemns this war and calls upon students and common people of the world, particularly India, to raise their voice against this and build up anti-war militant peace movement. Also, we urges upon the India government to ensure safety and safe return of Indians and students who are stranded in Ukraine.”

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