IIT-BHU incident: Shame on mankind, Observe ‘All India Black Day’ on 4th November

StudentsPledge News Dated 3.11.2023 –

In a press statement, AIDSO General Secretary, Sourav Ghosh said:

“It is very disgusting to know about the ghastly incident of molestation at gun point in the IIT BHU campus. It is highly shameful that the girl was stripped off while the whole incident was recorded and later uploaded on social media. The All India Democratic Students’ Organisation unequivocally condemns the incident, demanding immediate and effective enquiry and exemplary punishment to the culprits.

The men who are involved in this incident are not the only perpetrators- there is an entire sytem of politicians and policies that must come under the radar. These inhuman, insensible, unsocial creatures are born out of the womb of the degraded social and cultural atmosphere prevailing in our country and outside. Innumerable cases of molestation, rapes and murders are being reported every day. As the student body of BHU has also said that several cases of molestation and question of girls’ security have been raised earlier but no effective measure has been taken either by the university authorities or by the police administration. The ‘leaders’ of our country are completely silent on this issue. More worrisome is the fact that not only they are not taking strong and effective measures to prevent such crimes, but by allowing unrestricted growth of obscenity, liquors and other drug addiction, they are erecting one after another pillar in developing such degraded culture in our country. Looking at the criminal records of the people in power, their anti-women ideas and thoughts and several incidents where these ‘leaders’ of our country are themselves involved in molestation of women, we cannot expect anything better from them. The apolitical and undemocratic atmosphere in the entire nation has made the situation unbearable.

AIDSO expresses solidarity with the victim, the fighting students of BHU and stand by them in their fight till the end. We demand fast track investigation and judicial process in the incident. We also appeal to the entire student community and democratic minded people of India to come united against this ghastly incident to develop strong movement demanding security of women at all places and putting ban on obscenity, liquor menace and drug addiction.

With above demands, AIDSO calls to observe nationwide ‘Black Day’ tomorrow and appeals to all to join, partcipate in this call and strenghten this movement”

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