AIDSO Delhi vehemently condemns police brutality on students of DU protesting in solidarity with the struggling wrestlers at Jantar Mantar

StudentsPledge Date 03.05.2023 –

Condemning the police brutality on students of DU protesting peacefully and democratically, in solidarity with the struggling wrestlers at Jantar Mantar, Shreya, Secretary, AIDSO Delhi stated in a press statement:
“We all know that the wrestlers of our country have taken to the streets of the capital and have been protesting at Jantar Mantar, seeking justice against the sexual harassment that they had to face at hands of the WFI President and BJP MP, Brijbhushan Sharan Singh. In support of the movement, AIDSO alongwith all the left and progressive students organisations had gathered at DU Arts Faculty Gate, demanding justice for our women wrestlers. The Delhi police, along with the armed forces, imposed urgent section 144 in the area, and stopped the students from conducting their protests peacefully. All the protesting students, both male and female, were
hauled away mercilessly. Female students were mishandled and many have incurred serious injuries and were denied immediate medical attention. Even common students, who were mere onlookers, were also pushed, pulled, threatened and mishandled. Their intention to isolate the common students from the students movement is quite clear.
AIDSO Delhi state secretary, Comrade Shreya, state treasurer, Comrade Adrika, AIDSO state council member Comrade Sahil and AIDSO members, Comrade Lipi and Comrade Darshan and many others have been detained.
AIDSO vehemently condemns the police brutality on students and their attitude towards students protesting peacefully amd democratically in the DU campus. We appeal to all students and the common people in general to come together in the movement and stand united with the ongoing struggle of the wrestlers to convert it into a Nationwide movement. AIDSO has also called for an All India Solidarity day on 4th May 2023 in support of the protestors.
We demand:

  1. Immediately dismiss the WFI Chief Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh from his post and expel him from the
  2. Give exemplary punishment to the culprits involved in the incidents of sexual harassment.
  3. The government and police-administration should take appropriate measures to ensure all kinds of security to

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