Enhance Educational-Cultural and real Democratic Atmosphere of the Campuses – AIDSO

Chandigarh News Dt 19.09.2022 – In Chandigarh University video leak case, AIDSO Punjab convenor Shibasis Praharaj has issued
following statement to the press:
All India Democratic Students’ Organisation (AIDSO) expresses its deep concern over the
dishonourable incident of allegedly leaked ‘objectionable videos’ of women students in Chandigarh
University, Mohali. Though, two accused persons were arrested following a massive students’ protest,
there is an apprehension of the involvement of a racket in the incident. Certainly, there are questions
if the authorities are trying to suppress the case to safeguard the so-called prestige of the University
and in turn the culprits. We are constrained to say that such kind of highly disgusting and shameful
incident is the eventual outcome of the cultural degeneration, increasing spread of liquor, drugs and
pornography and all-out commercialisation of education.
Hence, AIDSO demands an unbridled high-level inquiry into the incident, stringent punishment to
the culprits involved in the incident and to take concrete measures to enhance the educational-cultural
and real democratic atmosphere of the campuses.

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