AIDSO severely condemns the omission Darwinian Theory of Evolution from School Curriculum

Studentspledge Date 25.04.2023 –

Opposing the heinous fascistic move to omit several important chapters including Darwinian Theory of evolution from the school curriculum, AIDSO General Secretary Sourav Ghosh said in a statement:

This move by NCERT, on the grounds of reducing syllabus load is very much dangerous in many aspects. The removal of evolutionary biology from class X means that only those students who will choose biology as a subject in science stream from class XI will learn about the theory. However, it is a fact that understanding Darwinian Theory is the key to understanding the world around us. It had provided an answer to all confusions created by religious belief systems. Moreover, it is crucial in building a scientific temper and a rational worldview. Darwin’s painstaking efforts and his keen insights and observations led him to the theory of natural selection. These efforts educate students about the process of science and the importance of critical thinking. Every student should have a basic understanding of evolution to develop a comprehensive knowledge of the world.

Recently, they have also removed Mughal Period from history textbooks as a result of which the rich contribution of Mughal Sultans to Indian culture, economy, diversity etc. will be erased from the syllabus. Topics like Industrial Revolution, Democracy and Diversity and poems of Nirala have also removed from the textbooks.  All of these changes will make it easier to propagate the idea of “Hindutva”, and in fanning fanaticism and racism. In short, it will make it easier for bringing about all out fascism, which is ultimately the target of ‘Hindutva’ camp. We are also worried that NCERT, an autonomous body is being used for this purpose.

Hence AIDSO strongly oppose this move and urges upon the NCERT to withdraw it immediately. AIDSO also call upon all the students, teachers and education loving conscious citizens to resist this attack to save our nation.”

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