AIDSO vehemently condemns the brutal attack by police on the struggling wrestlers at Jantar Mantar as well as Students Solidarity Rally in DU

StudentsPledge Date 04.05.2023 –

Condemning the police brutality on the wrestlers & DU students, Sourav Ghosh, General Secretary, AIDSO stated in the press statement:

“AIDSO strongly condemns the brutal attack by Delhi Police on the struggling wrestlers at Jantar Mantar as well as on the students solidarity rally in DU and stands United in solidarity with the fighting Wrestlers.

It is known to all that the wrestlers of our country have taken to the streets of the capital and have been protesting persistently against the sexual harassment that they had to face at hands of the WFI president and BJP MP Brijbhushan Sharan Singh. The protesters are determined to fight until the culprit gets arrested and terminated from his post. Despite facing hailstorm and heavy rain, wrestlers have continued their protest. This issue is not an isolated issue, if women are not safe in government run institutions, where else would they be! Students and common people, across the country, are coming in solidarity with them as the movement has taken a national character. The BJP government is hell bent upon trying every possible way to malign and end the movement. In fact, Delhi police has disrupted the necessary supplies of water and electricity that were being provided to the wrestlers. When they tried to bring a few cots in after the beddings got wet in the rain, the police threw their cots away. Few wrestlers got injured in this tussle, female wrestlers were manhandled by male police personnel, and some were dragged out of the protest place. Not only this, when in support of the protestors, AIDSO Delhi along with other left and progressive students’ organisations, organised a protest in Delhi University, they were detained and brutally beaten up by the police. It is a naked example of the inhuman and Anti-People character of the state. Rather than arresting and taking action against Brijbhushan Sharan Singh, the whole machinery is trying to safeguard him by gagging the voices of dissent.

Seeing the need of the hour, AIDSO strongly condemns the police brutality on all the protesters and  observes All India Solidarity day on 4th May 2023. Solidarity protests are being organised throughout the country. We appeal to the students in particular and common people in general to stand with the struggling wrestlers of our country and build a nationwide movement. While extending solidarity with the fighting wrestlers, We demand to:

1. Immediately dismiss the WFI chief Brijbhushan Sharan Singh from his post and expel him from the federation.

2. Give exemplary punishment to the culprits involved in the incidents of sexual harassment.

3. Ensure all kinds of security to women.

4. Stop curbing the voice of protests by the police administration, across the country.”

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