Arrest of AIDSO leaders in Kerala while collecting signatures against the NEP- 2020 is condemnable

Students Pledge News Dt 20.09.2022 – In a press statement, AIDSO General Secretary, Sourav Ghosh said:

“The arrest of AIDSO Kerala State Vice President K. Rahim and Palakkad District Secretary R. Shruti, who were collecting signatures, demanding the withdrawal of the National Education Policy 2020, is a scathing blow on democracy. Disrupting democratic activities such as signature collection, even though on public streets, using police force, is an outright fascist act. Kerala is rapidly implementing the education policy promulgated by the Modi government. The Khader Committee Report, Prof. Sabu Thomas Commission Report, order of April 1st 2020, and Higher Education Reform Commission Reports are some moves towards the implementation of National Education Policy 2020. AIDSO has announced a Secretariat Dharna and Raj Bhavan March on September 28, highlighting these issues.

AIDSO has been collecting signatures throughout the country, against the National Education Policy 2020 since May 1st, 2022. Around 31 lakh signatures have been collected in BJP-ruled Karnataka alone. These activities have received great support from the teachers and other education loving people of this country.

The CPI(M) led government’s pursuit of a policy of thwarting activities against the National Education Policy in the only state in which it is in power, indicates a departure from the party’s publicly declared political positions and policies.

AIDSO calls upon all, particularly student community, to oppose such attacks on democratic movement and to rally against the National Education Policy 2020 irrespective of political affiliations, in the movement to protect education.”

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