Disruption of Education Convention at Delhi: Real Face of the Government Unmasked

Date – 9/1/2023 –

Sourav Ghosh, the General Secretary of AIDSO has issued the following Press Statement against the undemocratic disruption in the state level “Save Public Education Convention” to be held by AIDSO Delhi:

“AIDSO Delhi state Committee had decided to hold a state level “Save Public Education Convention” against the disastrous School Closure-Merger due to National Education Policy 2020 on 8th Jan 2023 in Netaji Nagar, New Delhi. Organisers had reached the venue in the morning to make necessary arrangements for the convention but the tent and arrangements were shattered and the mobile phones of two of our activists were also snatched by the police. Despite having permission letter of the nearby police station, our convention was disrupted and our permission was revoked, stating that it was an urgent order from the higher authority, and that we are not allowed to hold discussions on NEP 2020 It’s noteworthy that facing all odds, AIDSO and education-loving people are raising their voices against the Anti-education NEP 2020 throughout the country. This protest movement is gradually taking the form of a resistance movement. That’s why the undemocratic governments at the Centre and the states are frightened today. Hence, they are trying to destroy every single possibility of a democratic space. Disruption of the convention at Delhi has witnessed such a shameful act of the government. It unmasked before all, the true face of the Central as well as the Delhi state government and the administration.

AIDSO strongly condemns this undemocratic act of the Delhi police and salutes to the spirit of the students, guardians and all the people to respond to the efforts of AIDSO. We also call upon the common masses in general and students in particular to unite against the NEP 2020. It is the need of the hour to work harder and accelerate the movement to save education and society.”

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