AIDSO Demands Stringent Punishment to the Rapists And a Ban on Pornography-Liquor-Drugs

All India Democratic Students’ Organisation (AIDSO) vehemently condemns the ghastly
rape and killing of Dr Priyanka and conveys its deep condolences to the bereaved family
members. AIDSO also condemns utter negligence of police-administration and demands
stringent punishment to the culprits involved in th is crime; and urges for a ban on the spread of
pornography-drug-liquor and implementation of the recommendations of Justice J.S Verma
Mr Sourav Ghosh, the general secretary of AIDSO in a press statement has said that Dr P.
Priyanka Reddy (27) a resident of Shamshabad of Telangana state was brutally raped and
murdered by four culprits on Thursday evening. The same day, at Siddulagutta, a place near to
Shamshabad, another middle-aged woman was brutally raped and killed and by rapists. A few
days back, in Warangal, a girl was gang-raped and murdered by criminals. Many such
incidents have happened in our country in the last 72 hours including Ranchi and Kolkata. In
almost all these incidents, the culprits were in a drunken state.
AIDSO holds that the cultural and moral degradation, the spread of pornography, liquor,
drugs etc. and the insensitive comments in favour of criminals by people in power and utter
negligence and callousness of the police-administration among others are the causes behind
several heinous crimes against women. Since these criminals are rarely punished by any court
of law, without any fear they resort to repeated crimes. Hence, AIDSO urges upon the students
in particular and common people, in general, to raise their voice in protest on the aforesaid
demands and develop powerful struggles against any incident of rape or gang-rape of the girls
and women of our country.

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