AIDSO opposes Competency Based Medical Education (CBME)

Students Pledge News Dt 1.04.2022 – Today in a press statement Sourav Ghosh, General Secretary of AIDSO, All India committee said:

“AIDSO strongly condemn the circular of NMC, dated 31st March 2022. In the said circular, in the name of competency based medical education (CBME) NMC is introducing a bunch of unscientific speculative and backdated thoughts in the medical curriculum. When minutes of a meeting was published few days back, the entire medical community of the country opposed the proposal of discriminating and unscientific Charak Sapath in place of the modern form of Hippocratic oath; but NMC, ignoring the voice of entire community of doctors, arrogantly introducing it. This is nothing but implementation of agendas of saffronisation in medical curriculum. NMC also made yoga classes compulsory for very brief periods.

It is needless to say that brief periods of yoga will not satisfy the need for physical exercise but intend to fulfil the agenda of BJP- RSS to ignite pseudo-nationalism in the young medicos. In the Competency Based Medical Education (CBME) the NMC in one hand is reducing the class hours and Infrastructure requirement by involving the students in Family Adoption, Self-directed Learning (SDL), month long Foundation course etc. and on the other hand destroying the inner kernel of medical ethics by replacing the Internationally accepted medical oath of the modern version of Geneva Declaration, which is practiced throughout the world by the Charak Shapath.

Implementation of this circular will hinder the medical students from acquiring comprehensive knowledge of the human body, its function and treatment of diseases and help the private medical colleges to complete the courses with minimal efficient teachers and infrastructure thereby facilitating the privatization of medical education.

AIDSO strongly condemns these unscientific anti-student policies of NMC and appeals to all the students, teachers in general and medical students and doctors in particular to come forward and build a nationwide movement to save medical education.”

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