Strongly condemn undue and unjustified delay in the counselling of NEET PG and NEET UG

Students Pledge News-18/12/2021 – Regarding undue delay of NEET UG and NEET PG counselling, Sourav Ghosh, General Secretary of AIDSO stated: “We strongly condemn the undue and unjustified delay in the counselling of NEET PG and NEET UG which was scheduled to be held much earlier. The Union Government is fully responsible for this delay in counselling. The students who have qualified in the exams are in deep crisis due to uncertainty created by the indifferent attitude of the government. Due to this undue delay in counselling there will be loss of almost one academic year, and a large number of candidates who cleared NEET PG and have been waiting for one year have to suffer. At the same time due to lapse of almost one year, no new batch is available in the hospitals and thus there is severe manpower crisis in the hospitals. As a result, resident doctors, particularly the junior residents are inhumanely overburdened.  

Government health care system is being collapsed due to inadequate man power and poor infrastructure. Resident doctors have become the backbone of the tertiary level teaching hospitals and are providing essential services to the common people with limited resources. Thus, they are getting overburdened due to lack of manpower, infrastructure and supply. Moreover, the threat of new Omicron variant of Corona virus is knocking at the door and our entire health system may collapse if preparedness lacks, as happened during the second wave.

Resident doctors from Delhi and several other states have protested and organised movement against the unnecessary delay in counselling. We supported their movement. In spite of the countrywide protest, central government is completely indifferent in solving the crisis. So, if again the movement starts and thereof crisis arises in the hospitals, government will be fully responsible for this.  

We demand that necessary steps should be taken immediately by the central government to expedite the counselling process and to end the crisis. We appeal the student community, intellectuals and common people in general and medicos in particular to come forward and develop strong movement on the above demands.

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