Supporting the Bharat Band on 26th March 2021 against anti-farm laws, Sourav Ghosh, General Secretary of AIDSO stated:

“It has been four months since the farmers of this country are on the streets of the national capital as well as in
different parts of the country against three anti-farm laws. Their valorous struggle is inspiring the people of this
country to fight for justice everywhere. We salute to the struggling farmers and wholeheartedly support the call
of Bharat Band on 26th March 2021 at the call of Sanyukta Kisan Morcha. We also pay our heartfelt tribute to
those more than 300 farmers who have sacrificed their lives in this movement.
The anti-farm laws have been brought by the BJP-led central government as an integral part of its pro-corporate
policies being implemented in almost all public sectors. These farm laws will not only tell upon the peasantry of
this country which constitutes more than 60% of the population but on all those who live by food. Hence, it’s a
disastrous move affecting every section of Indian populace. Students being an integral part of the working
class of this country cannot be considered differently. It is the responsibility of student community of this
country to stand with the farmers in their struggle for their democratic demands.
AIDSO, being a revolutionary student organisation of this country express their solidarity with the movement
led by the peasants and demand to immediately Roll Back the Anti -Farm Laws. We call upon the masses to
support the peasantry in this movement and build up a mighty movement against all the pro-corporate antipeople
policies of central government and different state governments.”

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