Protest against heinous act of gang-rape a 19 years old girl in Hathras, Uttar Pradesh.

Chhabi Mohanty, the General Secretary of women’s organisation AIMSS, Sourav Ghosh, the General Secretary of students’ organisation AIDSO and Pratibha Nayak, the General Secretary of youth organisation AIDYO have unanimously issued the following statement on the heinous act of gang-rape upon Manisha, a 19 years old girl in Hathras, Uttar Pradesh.

The whole country has risen into revolt against the barbaric rape on a 19 years old girl in UP. The way the UP police has acted is the most condemnable thing. When the mother of the rape victim brought her battered young girl to the police station, the police took a full day for taking the report and take action and her mutilated body was kept on a slab under the scorching sun. She was not provided with proper treatment in the hospital for about 15 days. Yesterday, the victim after tremendous suffering, succumbed to death in a hospital in Delhi and to our utter surprise, her body was cremated under police supervision without handing it over her relatives. How can such a thing happen?

Students, youths, women and all the well-meaning people of the country have vehemently protested against this brutal incident. But the police and administration have resorted to oppressive measures on the protesters. In Delhi, the police have arrested the protesting activists of AIMSS, AIDSO, AIDYO and other left organisations. Within this corona pandemic period, a series of such incidents have occurred.

We congratulate to all who are out on the streets today to protest this brutal gang-rape incident and inaction of the government and we also congratulate the well-meaning people who have been protesting against various anti-people policies. At the same time, while strongly protesting against this barbaric gang-rape, we demand immediate action and stringent punishment against the culprits. We also protest against the heinous role of the UP police and demand punishment for those who are responsible for such type of negligence.

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