AIDSO Calls for All India Protest Day Tomorrow against Hooliganism of ABVP goons in JNU

All India Democratic Students’ Organisation (AIDSO) finds no strong words to condemn the lethal attack by ABVP goons on students and teachers in JNU and calls for an ‘All India Protest Day’ on 6 January tomorrow against this barbarism and also demanding immediate rollback of hiked fees.

       Sourav Ghosh, the General Secretary of AIDSO has said in a press statement that a big number of ABVP goons even from outside of the campus entered into hostels with iron rods & lathis and attacked the students mercilessly, particularly the students protesting against the exorbitant fee hike in JNU. Even girls were not spared. Many students including JNUSU president are seriously injured. She was beaten up brutally and rushed to a hospital after a heavy bleeding. Teachers were also attacked by these miscreants As a result of which several teachers were injured badly. A professor has also been admitted to AIIMS with head injury. The masked goons of so-called cultured organisation damaged property of different hostels of JNU. Shamefully, police which was present in the campus remained as a silent spectator and thereby helped the goons to continue the attack. Entry of outsiders into the campus with lethal weapons amidst heavy security on gates of JNU exhibits the collaboration of the administration with ABVP behind this attack.

       This deadly attack of the communal out-fit ABVP with the backing of JNU administration exposes the frustrations of authority because of the anti-fee hike movement in JNU which the students are continuing for more than two months braving all odds. A conspiracy has been hatched by the nexus of the authority and ABVP to divert the issue of fee hike on one hand and terrorise the students on the other. AIDSO is with the struggling students and teachers of JNU and calls upon the common students in particular and people, in general, to come forward and stand with the students and teachers of JNU at this hour of grave crisis. We appeal everyone to unite and get ready always to resist such lethal attacks and to unleash a powerful movement against the present autocratic, undemocratic and criminal regime. AIDSO calls for an ‘All India Protest Day’ tomorrow against this attack in JNU and appeals to students’ community throughout the country to join the protest in maximum numbers demanding stringent punishment to the culprits and also immediate rollback of hiked fees.

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