AIDSO Stands in Solidarity with Fighting Farmers

Sourav Ghosh, the General Secretary of AIDSO has said that since 26 November 2020, farmers and agricultural workers from across the country have been marching to New Delhi. Myriad of protesters have had to face the wrath of government and police brutality! Needless to say, they have risen to fight against the pro-corporate farm laws brought in the name of “One Nation, One Market” and other such shiny slogans ignoring the long-standing demands by the peasants for debt relief, increasing the remunerative price of crops by at least 50% and to bring down the prices of agricultural inputs. Amendment of Essential Commodities Act, Agricultural Produce Marketing Committee (APMC) Act, Contract Farming, Electricity Bill, etc. have caused tremendous dissatisfaction and mounting anger.

While the entire country is still reeling under COVID-19 pandemic, where millions are plunged into deep distress and crisis, economically very unstable; the Central government’s cruel ploy to further beat these labourers, workers and poor masses, deep down to the abyss, is beyond condemnation. Good governance would rather stand by these hapless many, give them support and survival; but on the contrary, our governments have become lapdogs of corporate houses and capitalists. After privatisation of public and service sectors like Education, Health, Railways, transportation, etc. now they are after Agriculture too. Farmer is called as ‘Annadhatha’ and Agriculture as ‘backbone of our nation’. But, now, while they stand up for Justice and Rights, authorities have plotted cunningly to take away their basic means of livelihood and throw them onto streets astray.

When the voices got amplified, numbers grew, so did the strength of the movement, then the profit-minded ruling class, money-monger capitalists and power-hungry parties in power started to dig trenches to stop protesters, built up barricades, imposed 144 section, suspended transportation, detained thousands of farmers and leaders in the midnight and also attempted to convert stadiums into prisons! Added to this, amidst chilling cold, water cannons and tear gas, with extreme police brutality was shed upon them! AIDSO strongly condemns this animosity on the protesting farmers and workers, the real nation builders and calls upon the students and youths, to stand by the historic movement of toiling masses. As a part of its endeavour, AIDSO has called to observe ‘Nationwide Students’ Solidarity Week from 3-10 December’ in support of ongoing farmers’ movement and urged upon people in general and students, in particular, to make this programme a great success.

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