WE Stand in Solidarity with ‘IUSF’

Students Pledge – 06.09.2022 – On behalf of All India Democratic Students Organisation (AIDSO), as we stand in solidaritywith the movement against the undemocratic fascist rule and system of state power in Sri Lanka, weconvey our warmest revolutionary greetings to the protesting students, activists and leaders of Inter University Students’ Federation (IUSF) who have been an integral part in this fight.
Your letter depicts the movement against the ruling dispensations, and repression by lawenforcement agencies in a country which was once a case study in the world of bourgeois economics, with a high living standard but, is now virtually bankrupt. We are inspired by the role of IUSF in thismovement. We can realise that as your organisation has been playing a vital role in the people’smovement, the government is taking vindictive measures against your leaders and activists.
We know that at this most reactionary stage of capitalism, fascism has appeared in various formsand varying degrees in all capitalist-imperialist countries. Hence, the situation of your country is not much different from ours. The line between the constitutionally guaranteed right to protest andterrorist activity seems to be getting somewhat blurred under the present fascist communal regime.
It has foisted grave penal provisions against the protestors. Even freedom of media has been snatchedto a great extent.
We earnestly feel that it is of utmost importance to preserve the struggling unity of the people, sustain organised democratic movement and escalate it, and evolve people’s power by forming people’sstruggle committees to foil the conspiracy of the ruling class. Right at this hour, we vehementlycondemn the injustice and oppression of the Sri Lankan government on common people in general,
and the students and the youths in particular. We also condemn the police brutality on your activists, and the inhuman arrest of protesters, on August 18, 2022. We call upon all the democratic student organisations of the world to stand by you.
With warm greetings

V N Rajsekhar, President

Sourav Gkosh, General Secretary

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