‘Dalit’ student was brutally thrashed & murdered for drinking water from Headmasters water pot in Rajasthan – AIDSO condemns the brutal murder & demands exemplary punishment

On 20th July a ‘Dalit’ student of class III, was brutally thrashed for touching the water pot of his so called ‘Upper Caste’ headmaster at Saraswati Vidyalaya, Jalore district in Rajasthan. The child died after 23 days, even being shifted to Ahmedabad Hospital. Severely Condemning this murder, AIDSO General Secretary Saurav Ghosh has issued the following statement- 

“This murder has shocked the heart of every sensible person with humanity in our country. We are upset. We feel that in a society, a teacher haven’t only the duty to teach the academics but also have a noble duty to mould their students to uplift them as a real human. Without the character of a teacher with higher values, deep emotion to the students, free from any prejudices and superstitions, how can it be possible?  With such discriminatory mindset reflecting in this said incident, what kind of society will be created?

We saw, on one hand, Govt is celebrating “Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav” across the country to glorify our freedom, but on the other hand, this terrible picture shows the real shades of the country. Where is so called “Equality” to all the countrymen? At the time of the freedom movement, the great litterateur Premchand wrote the story of Thakur, being upset by this casteism. But the situation remains the same in 75 years of independence.  This is not the first incident, such incidents are coming in front of us continuously, but instead of taking steps to eliminate them, the governments, in the name of deep nationalism, they are pushing the common people towards blind fanaticism, religion, provincial mindset, caste discrimination etc. As a result of this, such painful incidents are happening in the society till today!

 Our student organization AIDSO strongly condemns this incident and demands exemplary punishment to the accused.  At the same time, appeals to the students and common people across the country to unite against any kind of discriminatory mentality like this type of religion, caste, province etc., and to create and strengthen a militant movement to fight against the problems of the common people in the true sense.

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