The demand of closuring IPL-2021 in corona pandemic situation raised by AIDSO has been achieved Congratulations to the struggling students and youths of the country

Sourav Ghosh, General Secretary, AIDSO issued following statement to the press today:

“Our country is reeling under the grievous impact of the second wave of Novel corona virus with dire consequences and an ugly dance of death we all are witnessing throughout the country. People are dying helplessly in thousands in want of hospitals, beds, ventilators, Oxygen and medicines.

In this ghastly situation also IPL -21 jamboree is being held without an iota of botheration towards the painful conditions for the majority of the population. We think that this inhuman act is nothing but a naked display of business interest of the profit hungry corporates. This is cruel and inhuman to sacrifice humanity for insatiable greed of profit gains from a popular sport like cricket.

So, in this frightful situation AIDSO, All India Committee launched a Protest Day on 30th April. On the day lakhs Students and youth raised their voice demanding closure of IPL-21.

Today BCCI has declared not to continue IPL. We think the authority had to announce it under the compulsion of the huge resentment against their inhuman attitude.

We congratulate the struggling students and youth of the country and hope a prompt participation against any sort of injustice in the society.”

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