AIDSO Demands Immediate Release of Dr Kafeel Khan to help Fight against the Dreaded COVID-19 Pandemic

All India Democratic Students’ Organisation (AIDSO) demands immediate and unconditional release of Dr Kafeel Khan to help fight against the dreaded Coronavirus.

Sourav Ghosh, the general Secretary of AIDSO has said in a press statement that every person in our country knows about the series of incidents which happened with the humanist medical practitioner DrKafeel Khan and his detention under NSA. It’s noteworthy that Dr Kafeel Khan has a lot of concern for the poor. In situations like flood and epidemics, he has extended his service to the affected people. When situations demanded, he has shown exemplary commitment to his profession and humanity several times. When he was serving in BRD medical college and hospital, Gorakhpur, he spent from his pocket for oxygen cylinders to save infants. In his 20 years career and more so by 103 free medical camps he conducted, Dr Khan examined over 50,000 patients. He is being named among the ‘India’s Top 25 Pediatricians’. The book written by him is read by thousands of medical professionals. At a time when the nation is faced with the crisis of COVID-19 pandemic, this highly efficient and ethical doctor has already sent a letter to the Prime Minister with an outline of a plan for the control of COVID-19 and a hearty appeal expressing his request to be allowed to join in the service of his beloved countrymen and help to curb this disease. He also requested to defer his illegal detention for the time being.

In the present situation of the country, we are recognising with respect and love that a large number of medicos are fighting with Covid-19. The central and state governments should provide the all necessaries facilitiesincluding PPE to them with utmost priority.We also feel that retired doctors and private practitioners may be entreated to extend their service for the countryman in this critical situation.

In this connection, AIDSO demands before the government for the immediate and unconditional release of Dr Kafeel Khan and to allow him to lead the fight against the dreaded COVID-19 pandemic.

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