The CBSE has removed some important chapters from the curriculum of 9th to 12th grade including Federalism, Citizenship and Secularism. Sourav Ghosh, General Secretary, AIDSO strongly condemned this move

“India is a country of diversities. It is indispensable for the student community to know and understand the diversities in order to grow as conscious, critical, democratic and socially responsible citizens of the country. This responsibility apparently lies on the education system. But the CBSE, in the shield of the situation arisen out of corona outbreak and subsequent lockdown, removed 30% of the curriculum from 9th to 12th grade as per the direction of the central government. Many former officials of CBSE and NCERT have expressed their serious objection on this step.

A disgusting attempt has been made to remove the word “Secular” from the constitution since BJP came to power. It was strongly opposed by the entire country. The BJP-led central government is trying to suppress all the hurdles in the implementation of its agenda of “Hindutva”. To understand the federal structure, to become conscious of our democratic rights and to have a deep knowledge about the structure of the constitution are essential for everyone.

It is noteworthy that the present government as well as the previous governments have been seriously questioned time and again as far as the issues of federal structure, secularism and citizenship is concerned. The concepts like “secularism” are being limited only to dictionaries. Different pro-capitalist governments are hell bent on strangling democracy. In Present, the BJP government, using Covid 19 Pandemic as a cover, tend to cut even the shadow of “Democracy” off the future generation. It is removing the chapters in order to remain in the power and implement its divisive agenda of Hindutva.

Our organization warns the government to immediately stop taking such anti-educational and anti-social steps and to immediately revoke the decision of removing above chapters from the curriculum. An urgent meeting with the educationists, students, teachers, parents should be held and suggestions should be invited widely in order to deal with the current challenges occurring due to Covid-19. We appeal to the students, teachers, intellectuals and all education loving section of the society to strongly oppose this decision of government and CBSE to save the education and society.

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